Since the truffle mushroom growing industry in Iran is nascent, so customers who intend to establish a truffle farm, will undoubtedly need the advice of experts in this field.
Kozhin team experts will be by your side in all stages of work. This service is currently available through WhatsApp.

Our consultations are done in two ways: “before the establishment of the farm” and “after the establishment of the farm”.

1- Consulting before establishing a farm:

If you have little information on how to set up a truffle farm and need pre-establishment consultation, you can call 09399345301 and get answers to all your questions.

2- Consulting after the establishment of the farm:

If you are setting up a truffle farm or have set up your own truffle farm, at any stage of the work if you have a problem and need to consult, you can use the solutions and expert advice of the Kozhin team to solve your problem.

The fee for consulting is as follows:

 15minute consultation, 150 thousand Tomans

 30minute consultation, 300 thousand Tomans

As soon as you pay the consultation fee, the call time will be reserved for you and you will be notified of the consultation time via SMS and phone call within 6 hours after your payment

The Kozhin’s office is open from Saturday to Wednesday from 10 am to 6 pm

Note: Kozhin’s office is also closed on public holidays

You can pay the consultation fee in the following ways:

1. The first method of payment via IDpay

Depending on your needs, click on the 15-minute consultation payment link or the 30-minute consultation payment link and fill in your profile form (required fields) and click the “Confirm and Continue” button to proceed to the next step.

In the next step, click on the “Pay” button to connect to the banking portal. In the last step, enter the details of your bank card and click on the “Pay” button to make the payment.

[su_button url = “” target = “blank” style = “glass” background = “# 000000” color = “# fcfc00” size = “10” text_shadow = “0px 0px 0px # 000000 “]  I’m paying for a 15 minute consultation right now  [/su_button]

[su_button url = “” target = “blank” style = “glass” background = “# 000000” color = “# fcfc00” size = “10” text_shadow = “0px 0px 0px # 000000 “] I’m paying for a 30 minute consultation right now [/su_button]

Important Note: As soon as you pay the consultation fee, the consultation time is reserved for you and within 6 hours after your payment, the consultation time will be notified to you via SMS or phone call.

2. The second method – payment by deposit to a bank account:

Pay the consultation fee according to the time you need (15 minutes or 30 minutes) to the following card number and send your deposit receipt + information (name, mobile number) via telegram or WhatsApp to 09399345301 . Be sure to mention in your details that you have paid the deposit slip “for the consulting fee”.

Account number: 0225113902003

Card number: 6037997538501447

Sabah Pishdadi – Bank Melli